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Special Fantasy Baseball Postseason Game

Phillies PostseasonPhillies PostseasonPhillies PostseasonArticle submitted by Kevin, a regular reader of Fantasy Baseball Dugout and owner of Fantasy Postseason.

Fantasy sports are fantastic! The drafting of players is fun, the team management is fun, and the trash talk that results from beating your buddies is fun. For a sports fanatic, it’s almost too good to be true. However, when the regular season ends there’s often a major void in the life of the fantasy owner, as they patiently wait for the next sport season to start.

At Fantasy Postseason, we fill the void that exists between the seasons with more fantasy competition. We run short games that involve selecting players from playoff or postseason teams. The time commitment is low as there are no trades or benches to manage. As players advance, a manager accumulates more points; the manager with the most points at the end wins.

It’s a very simple concept that a few of us have been doing for years. Draft the best players, and simply root them on throughout the postseason. The winner usually is the one who picked the best players on the teams that advanced furthest in the playoffs.

At Fantasy Postseason, we provide a free website that is designed specifically for postseason fantasy gaming. We contain a full-featured draft, web 2.0 drag and drop tools, league and group home pages, and in-depth scoring results.

Baseball leagues are starting now. Enhance your enjoyment of the postseason by signing up at!

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