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MLB Postseason Tickets

Get MLB Playoff Tickets at StubHub!

StubHub Fast Facts

  • StubHub sells a ticket every 5.5 seconds.

  • The average ticket price is $97.

  • The most expensive ticket ever sold was to Game 4 of the NBA Finals last year. The cost was a cool $37,839 each for two courtside tickets next to the Lakers’ bench.

  • A 49ers vs. Chargers preseason ticket was sold for the lowest price ever — 1 cent.

  • Most tickets sold for a single event is 12,095 for a Reds-Yankees game in June.

Buy & Sell Tickets Online

StubHub is one of the internet’s greatest success stories. In 2007, it was acquired by ebay for $310 million. Last year, StubHub made a deal with Major League Baseball and numerous college football teams that really started to ring the register.With StubHub, sellers set the asking price for their tickets, thus making price a function of market supply and demand for a particular event. Buyers pay a 10 percent fee; sellers pay a 15 percent fee. So, you can see there’s some serious money in this business of reselling tickets.

As opposed to ebay, with StubHub, buyers and sellers never communicate. StubHub acts as the middleman and coordinates every aspect of the ticket sale, including sending a prepaid Federal Express code to the seller so that the tickets can be sent by overnight delivery.

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