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Fantasy Baseball Dugout Remembers September 11

It’s the event of the generation like the John F. Kennedy assassination was of our mothers and fathers. Everybody remembers where they were when the horrors of September 11 struck seven years ago.

Fantasy Baseball Dugout Remembers September 11

In addition, we all have our special memories of the time. For BallparkBob, it was attending the Diamondbacks vs. Yankees World Series Game 3 at Yankee Stadium on October 30, 2001.

My memory of that game was waiting in a two hour line to get into Yankee Stadium because of the high security involved with President Bush’s being at the game. New Yorkers aren’t the most patient bunch; just hesitate for a second or two when the light turns green in Manhattan and you’ll know what I mean. But, this night, I did not hear a single complaint and I waited patiently in line with thousands of other friendly and positive New Yorkers.

The memory of waiting in line is more vivid than the outcome of the games in what may have been the most exciting World Series of all time. After the Diamondbacks won the first two games in Phoenix, the Yankees battled back with a 2-1, win in game three then won 4-3 in 10 and 3-2 in 12 in games four and five. It seemed almost fitting that the Yankees would win it after the trauma that New York had been through. But, somebody forgot to tell Arizona. The Diamondbacks slammed the Yankees 15-2 in game six then won game seven 3-2 at Bank One Ballpark.

President Bush, 2001 World Series, Yankee Stadium

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