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Heidi DeRosa Early Leader in Hottest Wives Contest

Heidi Miller DeRosa, fashion model, and wife of Cubs’ second baseman Mark DeRosa, is the leading vote getter afterHottest Wives leading vote getter Heidi DeRosa one month in Fantasy Baseball Dugout’s First Annual “Hottest Wife in Baseball” contest.

The fantasy baseball advice blog has been posting photos of some of the most beautiful wives of professional baseball players all year. Then, based on the number of hits that each wife received on the site, it narrowed its list down to ten of the hottest of the hot baseball wives. Voting continues through the end of the 2008 World Series.

Fantasy Baseball Dugout, always an innovator, uses a text message voting system for fans to vote for Baseball’s Hottest Wife. It has received over 1900 votes thus far on the text message voting system.

The contest’s biggest single day of the voting came on Friday, September 5 when the Hottest Wives contest was mentioned in an article in the Philadelphia Inquirer. Unfortunately, the hometown Phillies’ fans were not able to push Anna Benson, wife of Phillies’ pitcher Kris Benson, out of last place. Kris Benson has had arm trouble all year and has not been part of the major league roster; we assume Anna Benson’s arm is fine.
Here are the current voting statistics (through September 8):

  1. Heidi DeRosa 572 30%
  2. Jamie Kotsay 327 17%
  3. Laura Posada 271 14%
  4. Alicia Rickter Piazza 213 11%
  5. Ashley Drane Eckstein 174 9%
  6. Lisa Dergan Podsednik 116 6%
  7. Michelle Damon 99 5%
  8. Alejandra Tejada 78 4%
  9. Laura Cover Boone 58 3%
  10. Anna Benson 31 2%

Text message voting compliments of

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