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Top 10 Head-to-Head Fantasy Baseball Playoff Tips

Evan Longoria, Third Base, Tampa Bay RaysIf you’re reading this post, you’ve obviously made your fantasy baseball leagues playoff rounds. Congratulations!

Here are ten exclusive playoff tips from Fantasy Baseball Dugout to help you win in the most important time of year – fantasy baseball playoff time.

  1. Know your league’s tiebreakers, and make sure you account for them with your lineup changes. Most have ERA as their default tiebreaker, some use batting average.
  2. Cut ties with most players on your DL. Only stars who are very close to returning are worth keeping (Evan Longoria, for example, who should be returning this weekend).

  3. Two-start pitchers are more important than ever during fantasy baseball playoffs.
  4. If you are up against a guy who adds probable pitchers every day, play the player, and add probable pitchers to your roster 48 hrs ahead (pick from Saturday’s probables on Thursday).
  5. Chris Perez, St. Louis CardinalsIf you only have two closers… add a third. If you’ve been punting saves, now is the time to stop. Frank Francisco, Chris Perez, or even Jensen Lewis become fantasy baseball superstars this time of year.
  6. In some roto leagues, all pitchers active on the day a maximum is reached accumulate statistics. If you’re going to reach your league’s inning maximum, stack your pitching lineup on that day.
  7. For players who reach the championship round, drop any starting pitcher after they make their final start of the regular season. Replace them with the best possible probable starter.
  8. Championship playoffs rounds typically last 1.5 weeks. Don’t forget to set your championship round roster into the “next week.” That said, one-day playoff games following the last day of the regular season DO NOT count in fantasy baseball.
  9. Know your September sleepers and prospects. Young studs (aka 2009 sleepers) often get extended auditions in September on teams out of contention when rosters expand. Rookie pitchers without scouting reports tend to contribute a few dominating performances, especially in the National League.
  10. Adding a multi-position stud like Ty Wigginton or Mark DeRosa could be a critical move at this point in the year (consult our exclusive fantasy baseball cheat sheets). They are both hitting well, and have as many as four positions they can play. They make an easy fill-in on travel days like Monday and Thursday.

Good luck in your fantasy baseball playoffs! You can send 20% of your winnings to us via PayPal – no worries!

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