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Who is Baseball’s Hottest Wife?

Laura Posada gets real with Jorge and Yankees' fan Regis.Philadelphia – Ever go to a game and find yourself watching the young women sitting behind home plate more than watching the game itself?


Chances are you’re staring at the players’ wives.


And, who would doubt that a young, famous, and athletic 20-something guy with an annual salary in excess of $3 million could land one of these beautiful women?


Web site Fantasy Baseball Dugout, which provides tips on playing fantasy baseball, has been profiling some of the most beautiful women in professional baseball all season.Despite the fact that the site reports primarily on how to best manage a fantasy baseball team, it’s been the stories of hot baseball wives that seem to garner the most attention.


“We were kind of taken by surprise by the amount of sports fans searching for photos and stories of baseball players’ wives,” said ‘Ballpark’ Bob Bentz, publisher of Fantasy Baseball Dugout.“Over six million people in the USA play fantasy baseball, but I guess a lot more are interested in looking at pretty women

Fantasy Wife Profiles


Ashley Drane - fantasy Cardinals player and girl you'd like to take home to Mom.Ballpark’s nephew Jonathan Bentz is content manager for Fantasy Baseball Dugout.Jonathan Bentz attributes the success of the hot baseball wives category to its innovative approach to the articles.“We took an entirely new approach to covering baseball’s hottest wives.Our profiles go beyond listing bra size and links to pictorials.We actually try to tell their stories.”


You probably didn’t know, for example, that Laura Posada, shown wearing a painted on Yankees uniform (literally), is an attorney and part-time actress from Puerto Rico.Or, that David Eckstein’s wife, the very cute Ashley Drane, played Jan Brady in the recent Brady Bunch movie.

Your Chance to Vote

To culminate its niche in supplying pictures of baseball’s hottest wives, Fantasy Baseball Dugout is now running a contest, complete with voting by text message, to name one woman as “Baseball’s Hottest Wife.”The ten finalists were nominated based on searches from its’ own web site and from the search engines.


The ten finalists are:Anna Benson; Laura Cover Boone; Michelle Damon; Heidi Miller DeRosa; Ashley Drane Eckstein; Jamie Kotsay; Lisa Dergan Podsednik; Laura Posada; Alicia Rickter Piazza; Alejandra Tejada.


Major League Baseball’s All-Star game is now past and the fans have elected their most deserving players.Now is your chance to participate in the most important election between now and the first Tuesday in November.Be sure to vote for the Hottest Wife in Baseball.

To cast your vote, send wife (number) to 84444. Make sure you include a space between the word “wife” and the number code in your text message. Normal text message rates apply.

In case you thought we might tip the scales in favor of our favorite hott wife, we’re leaving the tracking and management of the text message solution to Philadelphia-based

Check back for text message voting results updates. Voting is now through the end of the real World Series in early November.

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