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How to Name Your Fantasy Baseball Team

fantasy baseball team namesOne of the highlights of every fantasy league is its draft. It’s the climax of hours of research, debate, and ranking players. Each manager’s strategy is put to the test. In the end, some will fail and some will succeed. As part of their preparation, many managers take pride in crafting the most creative fantasy team name possible. Whether it’s crude or hilarious, the best team name can earn major bragging rights for every person who plays fantasy football, fantasy baseball, and fantasy basketball., launched by web entrepreneur Cal Spears, has come to the rescue for many fantasy managers.

If you can’t think of anything good, just be disgusting.

“Having the best team name may be the only accolade that some managers receive all year,” Spears stated. “ showcases some of the most creative, disgusting, morbid, and funny names you’ll find in fantasy sports.” The home page of the site features a list of the top fantasy team names as voted on by its members. Current leaders include Honey Nut Ichiros, Bartolo Colonoscopy, and Bill Belichick’s Video Rentals.

Expect to find team names such as Travis Henry is My Dad, Brett Favre’s Deal or No Deal, and My Vick in a Box in your league. Each of those names is a top-ranked fantasy football team name according to Fantasy basketball team names, fantasy hockey team names, and fantasy NASCAR team names are also available on the site. Since the site launched during baseball season it is already well stocked with fantasy baseball team names.

Here are a few strategies from Spears when trying to devise funny fantasy team names.  Don’t beat a dead horse, always utilize current events (they make great fodder), and try to focus on individual players. Spears adds, “If you can’t think of anything good, just be disgusting.”

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