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Fantasy Baseball Effects of the Latest MLB Trades

Randy Wolf, Pitcher, Houston AstrosAs the Major League Baseball trade deadline approaches, moves are always made that fly somewhat under the radar. Can any of these trades benefit your fantasy baseball team? Allow us to evaluate.

The San Diego Padres have shipped two veterans over the last week in exchange for pitching prospects. First baseman Tony Clark has been sent to the Arizona Diamondbacks, and starter Randy Wolf has been sent to the Houston Astros. Wolf has more value in fantasy baseball than Clark.

The former Phillies All-Star (Wolf) was a two-start pitcher we told you to watch in fantasy baseball Week 12, but since we made that recommendation he’s gone 1-6 in the won-loss column. We can’t recommend that you put him on your roster at this point. Same with Tony Clark. The guy has 2 homeruns on the year and is batting .222. No reason for him to be on your roster.Ray Durham, Second Base, Milwaukee Brewers

The Milwaukee Brewers acquired Ray Durham from the San Francisco Giants in exchange for a pair of minor leaguers. Durham is useful in NL-only leagues and has a great batting average. On the year, he’s hitting .292 with 43 runs scored, 3 homeruns, 32 RBI, and 6 steals.

There is some debate over whether or not Durham will take significant playing time from Rickie Weeks – we think Weeks will still be the man in Milwaukee. Don’t worry about adding Durham at this point in the season.

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