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Fact or Fantasy? (Baseball): Canseco Says Madonna Hit on Him Too

Us magazine, on the newstands today, reports on Jose Canseco’s claims thatCanseco swears Madonna wanted to f*&% him. Madonna hit on him too.  Canseco claims that Madonna wanted him to father a child for her.  Canseco was married at the time.

Canseco also said in the Us magazine interview that he “hates A-Rod’s guts” because A-Rod hit on his wife.

Us: What can you tell us about your relationship with Madonna?

Jose Canseco: Well it’s in the book. We were not intimate.

Us: She was interested but you were not, correct?

JC: No, I was married at the time. I was interested in my wife.

Us: Where did she approach you? Where was the first time you met? How did it happen?Madonna in chains.

JC: At her house I think it was in the Hollywood Hills. Our people set it up. Her people approached me saying she was interested in meeting me.

Us: What did they say was the reason?

JC: She wanted to get married and have a child with me. [note from ed: Lourdes was born in 1996]

Us: That was her intention to have a child with you?

JC: Yeah, I’m Cuban and she wanted a Cuban child.

Us: And she barely knew you at this point.

JC: She didn’t.

Us: So she was interested in your genes.

JC: Yeah, I’m Cuban 6-foot-3, athletic, built.Canseco's looks certainly attracted Madonna.

Us: At that first meeting at the Hollywood Hills, what happened? How was she?

JC: She brought me up to her room and turned on Truth or Dare and showed me the masturbation scene and asked me what I thought about it.

Us: What did you say?

JC: I didn’t really know what to say. You have to remember I was very young at the time and I was very intimidated.

Us: Then what happened?

JC: We went downstairs and she came over and said ‘what would you do if I kissed you?’The Material Girl with see through material. and then sat on my lap and kissed me.

Us: So you did kiss?

JC: We did. But I then told her I was trying to work things out with my wife. That if I left her I would lose a lot of money and she said, ‘I have lots of money. Don’t worry about that’. I had to leave at that point so I got up and left.

Us: And what was the next communication or interaction?

JC: Our people would talk to try and set things up. She would call me at the club house, her code name was ‘Melissa’.

Us: What would you talk about on the phone?

JC: Mainly just about plans, when we would get together next.

Us: So it was all business? Very formal?Remember these baseball coins?

JC: Yes.

Us: You never really talked about other things? Got to know each other?

JC: No.

Us: When was the next time you met up?

JC: At her apartment in New York.

Us: The one she still lives in?

JC: Yes.

Us: Did you come in through the garage? Try to be secretive?fantasy: Madonna gets comfortable

JC: No, I just walked in the front. When I came in there were a few paparazzi there and when I came out there were tons. It was in the paper the next day.

Us: How did she react to that? Did she love it? Was she annoyed? Indifferent?

JC: Indifferent. Like she was used to it. She was like, ‘yeah, it’s in the papers’.

Us: Do you think that part of the attraction was that you were intimidated or that you were married?

JC: No, I think it was that I am Cuban and tall and a big athlete.

Us: So she was very interested in making a attractive, talented child?

JC: Yes.

Us: So you were never intimate, how long did this communication last?Canseco in chains

JC: A few months. Three or four.

Us: When and why did it end?

JC: I was taking a boat over to her place. I lived across the river from her and there was a helicopter following me on my boat. I waited it out and I couldn’t lose the helicopter. So I called her and told her I wasn’t coming.

Us: How did she react?

JC: Fine.

Us: She didn’t freak out?

JC: No.

Us: How did she react about you not wanting to have a child with her?Madonna flirts with Jose Canseco

JC: Fine.

Us: She wasn’t at all bothered?

JC: I think she thought she could persuade me or seduce me over time.

Fantasy Baseball Dugout thanks Us Magazine for the copy of the interview.  We are sure our readers will go out and buy copies of Us this weekend to read more about Madonna and ex-fantasy baseball stud Jose Canseco.

PS — If Madonna wanted to have sex with you, how many of you could say no?

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