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Fantasy Baseball Tip: Pick Up Shawn Chacon Or Not

Employees have always been critical of their bosses.  It goes with the territory.Chacon won't be helping your fantasy baseball team much more this year.

But, Shawn Chacon took it a bit too far when he pummeled Astros’ general manager Ed Wade in the team dining hall after being notified that he was being demoted to the bullpen in favor of minor leaguer Runelvys Hernandez.  This led to Chacon’s being put on unconditional release waivers by the Astros, although Wade had suffered no visible damage.  (Wade was pretty squirrelly looking to begin with.)

The problem is that it wasn’t the first time that Chacon has shown up his bosses.  OnIf you had Chacon on your fantasy baseball roster, thank Ed Wade for saving your squad. June 1, Chacon took offense to being visited by Astros pitching coach Dewey Robinson and turned his back on him on the mound.  Manager Cecil Cooper fined Chacon for this disrespectful act.

Chacon won the fifth starter spot in the Houston rotation in spring training.  He started off the season with a 2.45 ERA in his first five starts.  In his last ten starts, however, his ERA ballooned to 6.66.  In Chacon’s last four starts, he was 0-3 with an ERA of 9.35. 

Typically, the Astros have had strong chemistry on its team, but Chacon has certainlyEd Wade was not a fan favorite in Philly either, but that's no reason to beat him up. damaged that and its clubhouse is now in a bit of turmoil.  Cooper lost respect of some of the players when Chacon refused to meet with his manager.  That caused Wade to get involved and perhaps Wade’s decision to confront his pitcher in the team dining room was not the best choice given the old management adage of public praise and private criticism.

The next step is that the Players’ Association will dispute the Astros’ claim to have the remainder of Chacon’s $2 million salary null and void.  $983,000 of Chacon’s salary will be disputed as well as the opportunity for the pitcher to garner an additional $1 million for bonuses.  It makes one wonder what it would take for the Players’ Association to accept a penalty like this?  I guess nothing short of murder or child molestation would cause the Major League Baseball Players’ Association to accept a player penalty.

It is expected that Chacon will clear waivers and become available for other teams so the question now becomes:  should a fantasy baseball manager pick up Shawn Chacon?

Fantasy Baseball Dugout TipPass on Chacon.  It’s unlikely any league general manager will pick him up after what he did to fellow GM Wade.  Perhaps, he’ll turn up next year with a minor league contract, but it won’t be this year regardless of how hard up some teams are for pitching.

If you’re wondering about picking up his replacement Runelvys Hernandez, FBD Hernandez Future Fantasy Baseball star?recommends you pass for now and wait and see if he has some success.  Hernandez was 6-3, 3.72, and held opponents to a .233 batting average with the Triple-A Round Rock Express.  His first start was last night against the Red Sox and Hernandez kept the Astros in the game with five solid innings where he gave up five hits, walked three and gave up three runs.  If he could take back the three run homer he gave up to J.D. Drew, his outing might have been more promising.

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