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Fantasy Poker?! Who Ya Got In The WSOP Draft?

Phil IveyThe World Series of Poker is about halfway over, and it got your man BatBoy BeeZee thinking… if there was a fantasy poker league for WSOP, who would you take with the first overall pick?

While I will always argue whether or not poker is in fact a sport (though ESPN apparently thinks so), my first pick in the fantasy poker draft would probably be Phil Ivey. I just love the way the guy approaches his craft.

Anyway, because one of my favorite 3-day WSOP tournaments starts today, No Limit Hold’em, Fantasy Baseball Dugout wants you to know that our friends over at have one of the best websites for developing your poker and Texas Hold’em strategy.

They also have a exclusive information on getting special Full Tilt Poker Referral Codes, Full Tilt Bonuses, and PokerStars Bonus Codes for the best US friendly poker rooms.

You can even catch BatBoy BeeZee on their forums as, you guessed it, BatBoyBeeZee.

Ante up, everyone.

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