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The Sports Dollar.comFantasy Baseball Dugout’s friends at have posted a review of our little fantasy baseball blog.

In their FBD blog post, $Dolla call FBD “a straight up fantasy baseball blog doing its thang.” Kellex, the editor of $Dolla who reviewed FBD, also said “Anything from the best catchers, pitchers, hitters and news is categorized and easy to find… they have constant updates and news which is key for fantasy baseball players that are looking to make last minute waiver wire deadline moves.”

The Sports Dollar is the first, full-time, money making sports blog! For all of our fellow bloggers out there, The Sports Dollar is here to help all of us create profitable blogs… so we can all do what we love – yap online about sports and get paid for it.

Special thanks to Kellex at $Dolla for showing FBD some love.

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