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What To Do With Barry Zito In Fantasy Baseball

Barry Zito has been throwing fantasy baseball owners for a curve since he signed his gigantic, $126 million dollar contract last season with the San Francisco Giants.

On Tuesday, the Giants threw him a curve… sending the second highest paid pitcher in the league to the bullpen. His performance this season is certainly deserving of a demotion – through six starts, Zito is 0-6 with an ERA of 7.53 with 11 strikeouts in 28.2 innings of work.

What should fantasy owners do with Zito? Most have cut him, as evidenced by his constant drop rate since the first week of the season on CBS Sportsline. He started the season at 89%, but going into next week’s games, Zito will be owned in 41%.

There are much better options out there than Zito, so cutting ties with the 2000 Cy Young Award winner might be a good idea. If your league has holds as a statistic, however, keep Zito on your bench. He has likely been there for some time, but he might provide some value as a reliever if he can find his talent.

A return to the rotation for Zito seems inevitable, but don’t discount Zito’s potential as a reliever while he gets his game together in the bullpen.

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