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A Gift for the Baseball Fanatic

The First-of-its-Kind Personal Baseball Scoreboard
The Liveboard gives fans a way to catch the game – even if the kids have taken over the TV for the night, or if you’re busy closing a deal at the office. With just a glance, you know exactly what’s happening with your favorite team – or ANY team around the League. And with its Bluetooth technology, you can stay connected up to 60 feet of your PC or Mac.

The Liveboard offers three modes of operation – depending on your degree of baseball obsession:

Simple Mode:
Set your “Home Team” and the Liveboard will automatically display your team’s action whenever they begin a game.
Full Mode:

Adds another level to the Liveboard Simple Mode by automatically displaying any game currently in progress while your Home Team is not playing. The Liveboard detects a current game within your Home Team’s division first, if available.
Cycle Mode:
Automatically cycles through the major league, displaying any and all games in progress.

Liveboard comes with a Class 1 Bluetooth USB Adapter, so there’s no need to buy any additional components to operate your Liveboard.

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