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Fantasy Baseball Dugout LogoFantasy baseball is officially getting underway. While the season has started in Tokyo for the Oakland A’s and Boston Red Sox, the official start of the Major League Baseball season is only five days away!

Your friends at Fantasy Baseball Dugout would like to invite you to play fantasy baseball with us in 2008. Our friends at have allowed us to open a Blog League on their website, which provides a stock-market style, salary cap, roto game.

RotoHog provides one of the most unique fantasy sports games on the web, and we’d love for you to check out their game with us by joining the first annual Fantasy Baseball Dugout Blog League.

Here’s how you register:

  • Visit, sign up and create a RotoHog account
  • Create a team (BatBoy BeeZee’s team name is The Fighting Amish – don’t use that)
  • Join our league… the Fantasy Baseball Dugout League ID# is 506
  • Create an active roster via trading floor purchases. Each player in our league will start with $300.00 in salary cap money, and the entire MLB player universe is available to build your team.
  • Edit your player profile and add the league commissioner (BatBoy BeeZee) to your friend list.

The top blog league will win a prize, which is still to be announced. RotoHog promises it will be “worth the time” we put in.

Let’s unite and show the web who has the best fantasy baseball blog online! For more information on the contest, contact us.

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