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Meat Loaf Gives Fantasy Baseball Tips

“Two out of three ain’t bad.”  Meat Loaf Loves Fantasy Baseball

No doubt it has something to do with baseball knowing that it was sung by baseball afficionado, rock star, and fantasy baseball lover Meat Loaf. 

 Who can forget Meat’s using Phil Rizzuto to do play-by-play in Paradise By the Dashboard Light

“I do so much fantasy baseball that it’s ridiculous,” said Meat Loaf whose Bat Out of Hell album has sold over 40 million copies.  It’s probably one of the few times that Meat has talked about “bats” that didn’t involve baseball.

In a recent interview with, Meat Loaf offered a few fantasy baseball tips of his own.

“I prefer a fifth or sixth in a draft of 10 teams or so because you’ll get a really top guy in the first round, like a David Wright or a Matt Holiday and then you’ll get a decent player coming back. ”

Meat Loaf also loves his fantasy baseball sleepers; don’t we all?  “That’s the most fun, when you find those sleepers,” said Meat.  “Like Braun last year.  I picked him up and sat him until he came up from Triple-A.”

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