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Albert Pujols (barely) Is The No. 1 Fantasy Baseball First Baseman

We’re convinced that Albert Pujols’ nagging elbow injury is the main reason his numbers dropped in 2007. We are also afraid to use a first round pick on him.

At the same time, there probably isn’t a better all-around first baseman in fantasy baseball than Pujols. The guy is consistently great and should have a very productive season, if he remains healthy (something else we don’t think will happen).

Ryan Howard strikes out too much and Prince Fielder hits for a lower average, keeping them a bump below Pujols.

Check out our top 40 first baseman as you prepare for your fantasy baseball draft. We have included DH-only players who will likely have first base eligibility (David Ortiz, etc.) and other players with first base eligibility, like Victor Martinez (the no. 1 catcher) and Nick Swisher.

Our rankings also include auction market values from

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