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MLB Fantasy Open 2008For 2008, has unleashed a great FREE fantasy baseball game: MLB Fantasy Open.

Parts of the 2008 MLB Fantasy Baseball Open are similar to all other FREE fantasy baseball games. Create your own team, league and invite your friends to a 12-team, head-to-head points league. Establish your league as a public or private league. Live and list drafts are also available.

The biggest difference in drafting with MLB Fantasy Open is in how you select pitching. Instead of drafting individual pitchers like Johan Santana or Erik Bedard, MLB Fantasy Baseball league members draft an entire pitching staff. This is very similar to many default fantasy football leagues when drafting defenses and special teams.

While this feature makes it very easy to draft and drastically shortens the length of the draft, everyone gets stuck with lousy bullpens and irrelevant starting pitchers.

In addition, if you allow league trades – that’s perfectly fine – but you lose out on the chance to WIN $10,000! The only other criteria to be entered into the game to win $10K is to draft by May 4. At the time of this post, MLB Fantasy Open had PLENTY of open draft slots before May 4.

MLB fantasy baseball 2008 seems like a fun introduction to FREE fantasy baseball. If this is your first year playing, might be the best online destination for you. There isn’t a lot to customize, and drafting is much less complicated.

Most experienced fantasy baseball players will not enjoy the way pitchers are drafted, and roto baseball players need not register for MLB Open.

Because the game is pretty different, it’s hard to compare MLB’s game to Yahoo! or CBS Sportsline. But for first time fantasy baseball players, I would highly recommend MLB’s game.

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