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Felix the King and Fantasy Baseball Drafts

A question recently dropped in the Fantasy Baseball Dugout inbox about King Felix in Seattle.

Wondering what you all think about Felix Hernandez and his chance at living up to all the hype that has been created. What round should i take him in? – Pete in VA

Felix Hernandez Fantasy Baseball 2008Felix Hernandez had a nice finish to 2007, going 6-1 in his final ten starts. He should crack the 200 innings mark in 2008 after pitching right around 190 the past two seasons. With that in mind, I also like him to post about 180 strikeouts. With the addition of Erik Bedard to the Mariners, Felix drops back in the M’s rotation, giving him a legitimate shot at topping the 14 wins he had in 2007, also.

While not fearless, here’s a quick prediction for King Felix in 2008: 15 wins, 180 K’s, 200 innings, 4.00 ERA. A solid season for the King, as he becomes a reliable #2 starting pitcher in fantasy baseball 2008.

His average draft position is in the upper 80’s, meaning in most standard leagues (12-teams, AL and NL players), you should expect him to be drafted in the late 6th or early 7th round. Any later than that and he is a steal. Depending on your league, his value changes. If you play in an AL-only league or a deep league with 16 teams or more, expect him to go earlier (4th or 5th round). If you are in a 10-team league, expect him to go in either round 8 or 9.

Know your league, and draft King Felix accordingly. But in the view from this dugout, he is in store for a career year in 2008 and will easily warrant a 6th round pick.

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