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Robinson Cano: Mo’ Money, No Problems

Robinson Cano got a new dealThe New York Yankees’ signing of Robinson Cano on Thursday was a bit of a change for the organization, which generally avoids paying its younger players.

The times, they are a-changin’. This is a major move for the Yankees, who have stuck to their guns in developing talent through their farm system instead of trading off young talent in search of the most recent big name on the block.

Locking up Cano for the next four seasons means the Yanks have A-Rod, Jeter, and Cano in place till at least 2011, when Jeter’s contract is up. A smart move for the team. I also expect them to lock up Chien Ming Wang through arbitration.

Cano remaining in the heart of the Yanks’ lineup over the next four seasons does wonders for his long-term fantasy value. If I’m in a keeper league and have Cano, I’m thrilled about this signing. Cano was already a top-5 2B, and over the next few seasons his value should continue to rise. After Chase Utley, Cano might be the next best 2B option in the fantasy baseball world.

Like most Yankee hitters, I expect him to have a highly productive season in 2008.

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