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Albert Pujols: Elbow injury dropping fantasy value?

Albert Pujols It’s hard to argue against Albert Pujols being one of fantasy baseball’s legitimate super studs.

All the same, his numbers last season were down significantly from the previous two, and I have to wonder if his drop off has less to do with any nagging rumors of steroids and more to do with this nagging elbow injury.

Its obvious that the 2007 Cards weren’t as intimidating as the 2006 World Champ Cards, but I still would have expected Pujols to put up his typical MVP numbers. In ’07, Pujols posted career lows in pratically every statistical category. Only his average was right on pace with his season outputs of the previous six seasons.

Is this elbow injury finally getting to him, limiting his ability at the plate, and hurting his overall fantasy value? Maybe.

In previous years, Pujols was without question a top-3 fantasy pick, regardless of position. For 2008, Pujols is still a first round pick, but do you still take him near the very top? After the statistical drop off of ’07, I have to wonder if ’08 could find Pujols on the DL for a period of time. To me, an elbow injury mixed with a lack of protection in the batting order drops his value to the bottom half of the first round.

What do you think?

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