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The day in MLB transactions…

Royals sign Brett Tomko for 1-year and $3 million: Good for Tomko. Dude got 3-mil to be the 4th or 5th man on KC… a nice payday for a no-pressure pitching gig.

On a sidenote, Ballparkbob was in negotiations with the Royals until last evening on a two-year deal somewhere in the $4-million range, but the negotiations stalled because of the extra year (the Roys didn’t want to commit to someone with so much talent for so long).

BT hasn’t had a winning record in at least three seasons – last year he won four games COMBINED pitching for both the Dodgers and Padres. Now he’s jumping to the AL and pitching for the Royals?

Yikes. I guess there’s a chance Tomko might fool some hitters early in the year, but I would say by May he will be back to his typical ways… and have no fantasy value whatsoever. Unless you are a blood relative of Tomko, there’s no need to hold a roster spot for him.

Cards sign Yadier Molina for 4-years and $15.5 million: The Cards have been all up in the news today. First Chris Carpenter can throw, now Yady gets inked, and there’s even some rumblings about Pujols (something about steroids…)

I gotta admit that my knowledge of catchers in the dregs of the NL Central is limited, but what I know about Yady is this – good defensive catcher, limited hitting catcher. If you’re in an NL-only league, its highly likely someone will have this guy on their roster.

But unless there is a fielding percentage statistic in your league, Yady will probably spend the season on your waiver wire (and you won’t have much competition for his services).

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