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Cards’ Carpenter is back

Chris CarpenterOk, so the AP ran into Chris Carpenter at the Cardinals’ winter fan fest, and he is throwing again. Cards fans must be happy about this, right?

I was in a 10-team league last season, and Carp got the axe from one team when he went on the DL… so I carried him on my squad for a little while because I had an extra DL spot. Still ended up being a wasted spot, but I was glad I could take him on the ride for my 3rd place team. Ha!

Ok… it’s late January, so there isn’t much to talk about from a fantasy baseball perspective. Spring training doesn’t start for a few weeks yet, and there isn’t much else going on baseball-wise (unless you like the whole legal side of the game).

Anyone out there doing anything in the off-season with their fantasy baseball squads? I play in no keeper leagues, so I got nothin’ goin on from my end.

Just waiting to see some waaay too early mock drafts… and then mock them. Why else would anyone have blogspace in the first place?

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