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Working in Sports Media

Working in sports media is a dream job for many. It offers many of the same advantages of news broadcasting combined with the unique experience of covering sporting events and providing commentary and insights about your favorite sport. One of the ways in which many media outlets are using this unique talent pool is by hiring qualified people to maintain social media platforms on behalf of the networks.

Many sports fans have become accustomed to seeing social media profiles for Jed Drake and other known figures in sports broadcasting. Social media has shaped how sports fans interact with their favorite athletes and teams. Most teams and athletes have very loyal followings on the various social media platforms. These sports networks and other media outlets have responded by making sure that there are always qualified people available to keep the social media presence strong.

The various social media platforms all offer different advantages that fans can enjoy. Facebook, with its apps and page customization options, provides networks the ability to build a full-fledged community based around the local sports scene. Twitter makes it easy for social media managers to provide play-by-play updates on all sporting events. Instagram, with its emphasis on photos, is a perfect way to bring the visual aspect of sporting action to fans.

One of the advantages of this type of job is that social media professionals can move to a new city, cover sports in their own area or work on a contract basis for a sports network in any location. Many start off doing this sort of job on a contract basis and eventually find a permanent position with the same organization. Because this is the type of job that many sports fans dream of, there is a lot of competition for these positions.

In addition to being knowledgeable and passionate about their favorite sports, it helps prospects to have an open mind about learning about other sports, because they never know what they might be asked to cover. With the level of engagement that is involved, it’s necessary to have a good personality and people skills. A good sense of humor and refusal to take one’s self too seriously also helps immensely in this type of position.

Strong social media skills also make a major difference. In addition to using familiar current social media platforms, social media managers frequently have to get acquainted with new ones. Being able to get new conversations generated is essential as well as helping to steer conversations in the right direction when they become heated. While some moderation will likely be involved, this shouldn’t be seen as the primary focus. Genuinely enjoying the interaction is the most important part of this type of job.

There are several ways in which people can find these positions. While a job listing in a paper or on an online job board is where most people think of looking, this is not the only option available. Many social media professionals are recruited at college job events, and some have even secured entry-level positions through contests and competitions.

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