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Review: Cleveland Golf Irons

Wow, what a great US Open this past weekend.  That golf tournament really inspired me to work on improving my golf game with some new game improvement irons.

Cleveland Golf irons

Cleveland Golf Irons

So, I figured the first place to make improvement was to go to the local golf shop and try out some new clubs.  I tried out the HB3 irons from Cleveland Golf and was not disappointed.  These irons were lighter to improve my club speed, something that is important as you get older.  I also found them to be extremely forgiving.  On several instances, I didn’t quite hit it on the sweet spot, but the contact felt solid and even though I was indoors, I felt like I got good distance on the swing.

The irons are hollow throughout the shaft and that makes for the lighter club weight.  I also liked the feel on the grips.  I like to wear golf gloves when I swing and I felt like I had just as good of a grip as I would have without the gloves.  As an ex-baseball player, I always liked a lot of pine tar on my bat handle so I guess that’s why the grip is so important to me.  When I swing, I want to feel like the club will still be in my hands after I try to give it to the caddie.

Hey, I have always believed that you should have the best equipment for the sports you play, because if you play better, you will enjoy yourself more.  I hope you liked my review of the Cleveland Golf irons.

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