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Getting the Turf in Shape

When the time comes to get your lawn at the golf course in order for spring and summer, why not use Global Turf Equipment? There are several things you can purchase to make your lawn look beautiful with minimal effort. Start by getting equipment that you need to fertilize the lawn. You want to do this before you mow for the first time so that the fertilizer sinks into the ground. If you want to completely makeover the yard, then till the ground, add the fertilizer, and then spread grass seed. This should be done well in advance of the spring season so that the seeds have plenty of time to grow. Cover the seeds with straw to keep the insulated in the ground.

After your grass has started to grow, you will need some type of lawn mower in order to keep the grass cut. You can get a large zero-turn mower or a standard mower with a steering wheel. Other items that you might need to keep your lawn maintained include blowers and tractors. A tractor is a great investment so that you can cover a large area in a short amount of time. After cutting the grass on the course, you can use a push mower or trimmer to get the greens near the holes shorter than the rest of the course. This will make it easy for golfers to putt the ball instead of dealing with grass that is high.

In order to get the sand smooth, you can get a sand pro to go on the front of your mower. This attachment can go on the front of almost any mower. You can use the pro to go over areas of sand so that golfers can walk over areas without stumbling. It can also be used to smooth areas of some smaller rocks. Sprayers are another item that can be used on the golf course to help keep away weeds that might grow along the fairway and next to areas that you can’t get with a mower. Items can be purchased new or used if you want to save money on equipment.

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